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15 Best Gifts for the Avid Cybertruck Fan

The Cybertruck, Tesla’s futuristic electric pickup truck, has been making waves since its announcement in 2019. With its unique design and impressive features, it’s no surprise that the Cybertruck has garnered a dedicated fanbase. If you know someone who is a fan of the Cybertruck, Tesla, or Elon Musk, then you might want to consider getting them a gift that celebrates their passion. From Cybertruck-inspired t-shirts and socks to backpacks and hand drawings, there’s something for everyone on this list. Happy shopping!

1. Remote Control All Terrain RC Cybertruck

Remote Control All Terrain RC Cybertruck

This Remote Control Cybertruck is a perfect gift for a Cybertruck fan. The truck is designed to look like a Cybertruck and is equipped with a fast brushed RC motor that can produce more horsepower for the remote control monster truck. The car toys can go up to 15KM/H at full speed, making operators enjoy the marvelous experience of driving a Cybertruck. 

2. Cybertruck Futuristic T-Shirt

If you are looking for a gift for a Cybertruck fan, you might want to consider this  futuristic clothing inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck. This product features a unique triangular design with flat sheet metal panels made of stainless steel, just like the Cybertruck itself. It is also durable, comfortable and stylish, making it a perfect choice for any adventure lover who appreciates the cyberpunk or Blade Runner style of the Cybertruck.

3. Cyberbackpack

Do you have a friend who loves the Tesla Cybertruck and wants to look like they just stepped out of a sci-fi movie? Then you should get them this Cyberbackpack 2.0, the ultimate anti-theft laptop and gear backpack for Cybertruck enthusiasts. This backpack has a hardcover design with a triangular shape, a locking zipper, and an expandable capacity, making it perfect for storing and protecting all their gadgets and gizmos. Includes a free power bank!

4. Cybertruck Keychain

This Cybertruck keychain is a subtle way to carry a fan’s love for the Cybertruck in their pocket, and who knows, it might even help them find their keys faster in a black hole of a bag! 

5. Cybertruck Hot Wheels

This Hot Wheels Cybertruck is a good gift for anyone who loves the futuristic and innovative design of the real Cybertruck, but doesn’t have the budget or the patience to get one. It is a zinc-plated die-cast model that features detailed front and rear light strips, a closed tonneau cover, and a realistic wheel design, making it a perfect replica of the electric truck that will make you feel like you are in a sci-fi movie

6. Cybertruck Ornament

This ornament is a must-have for any Cybertruck enthusiast who wants to add some flair to their home or car. The Cybertruck ornament is a miniature replica of the battery electric full-size pickup truck that has a distinctive triangular body design with flat sheet metal panels4. It’s a fun and festive way to show your support for the innovative and controversial vehicle.

7. Cybertruck Sweatshirt

This Cybertruck sweatshirt is the perfect gift for a Cybertruck fan because it will keep them warm and stylish while they wait for their Cybertruck to arrive. Plus, they can wear it while they’re driving their Cybertruck and pretend they’re in a Cybertruck commercial!

8. Cybertruck Meme Socks

These Cybertruck Meme Socks are the perfect gift for a Cybertruck fan because they will keep their feet warm and stylish while they wait for their Cybertruck to arrive. These socks are made of 60% combed cotton, 37% polyamide, and 3% elastane, and feature a seamless toe closing

9. Cybertruck Model Toy Truck

This diecast model is the perfect gift for the Cybertruck fan who wants to have a miniature version of the electric vehicle that has a futuristic style. A cool and collectible item for any Cybertruck enthusiast.

10. Cybertruck Space Camper

The ultimate gift for the Cybertruck fan who wants to turn their electric pickup truck into a mobile home. The Space Camper is a sleek and sturdy camper shell that pops up to reveal a cozy and customizable living space, complete with a kitchen, a bathroom, a bed, and even a movie projector.

11. Cybertruck Metal Car Silhouette Wall Art

Add a subtle touch of style to your home with this Cybertruck Silhouette wall art, a laser-cut steel piece that will impress any car lover. Whether it’s for yourself or a gift for someone special, this modern design is perfect for any petrol head’s space.

12. Cybertruck LED Light

The Cybertruck LED Night Light is a stunning car gift for fans, featuring a remote-controlled LED light with 16+ colors and over 1000 hours of brightness. The sleek design of the Tesla Cybertruck is beautifully displayed, creating a captivating atmosphere. This LED Night Light is a perfect way to surprise your loved ones and show them your appreciation for their automotive passion.

13. Original Cybertruck Hand Drawing

This exquisite hand drawing of the Cybertruck, crafted by Erik Križovenský on handmade paper, is a limited edition of 20 numbered pieces that showcase Tesla’s innovation and artistry. This 49 cm x 34 cm artwork, with an embossed Cybertruck logo, will elevate your space with its elegance and passion.

14. Cybertruck Portrait Sticker

If you are looking for a unique gift for a Cybertruck fan, you might want to check out this Cybertruck Portrait sticker. This sticker features a hand-drawn design of the futuristic Tesla truck, created by a talented artist. It is a great way to show your appreciation for the Cybertruck and its innovative design, and to decorate your laptop, window, or any other surface with style.

15. Cybertruck Art Print

This art print is a perfect gift for a Cybertruck fan who appreciates minimalist and geometric design. It features a blueprint-like illustration of the Tesla Cybertruck from three different angles, with its specs and dimensions. The art print is made of high-quality paper and can be customized to fit any frame size, making it a stylish and elegant addition to any wall.

The Cybertruck isn’t just a vehicle, it’s a lifestyle. And now, you can be a part of it, even if your bank account doesn’t quite stretch to six figures (yet). So go forth, spread the Cybertruck cheer, and remember: The only thing cooler than owning a Cybertruck is knowing someone who does.

And now, thanks to this handy guide, you’re basically that person. Happy gifting, and may your Cybertruck dreams roll ever onward!

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